As one of the UK's leading fresh and frozen fruit growers, we take our environmental responsibilities and Public Relations very seriously. We are committed to making sure that environmental awareness remains at the forefront of our working practices, often leading the way in a number of research initiatives. As responsible growers, we have been awarded Grade A's in audits all round.

The PV system on the packhouse at Windmill Hill is extremely environmentally friendly with the silicon modules producing no noise pollution or harmful gasses during operation; what’s more the silicon itself is entirely benign and available in abundance.

In 2007, the farm undertook a pioneering trial of a number of different polytunnel cover colours. Often a contentious subject, we sought the best solution to this issue by evaluating their properties, in order to find a product that would look the most in-keeping with its surroundings. The use of green polythene as a field scale trial on a high profile site had positive feedback from both the Press and local community at large.

We've also undertaken a detailed RSPB bird survey. The results were extremely encouraging with over 49 species recorded - well above the national average, not to mention one of the highest in the county. The birds that kindly dropped by for a visit included three species of Raptor, Skylark, Little Grebe, Great Spotted Woodpecker and both Little and Tawny Owls.