The packhouse at Windmill Hill was constructed in 2007 providing a 2000-tonne a year packing capacity. The packhouse has state of the art facilities allowing us to offer a complete service under one roof, which is vital to ensure a complete chill chain from field to store.

Aside from the very latest cold-storage area, there are air curtain segregation and lorry docking facilities. In 2011 the investment was put into a second heat-seal line; the Proseal heat-sealing machine seals 130 punnets per minute. The packhouse also contains a high-tech strigging and processing line to produce top quality IQF (individually quick frozen) blackcurrants.

Alongside this Windmill Hill also encompasses our sophisticated office blocks allowing good channels of communication between the farm, administration and Packhouse.

The Packhouse is BRC audited and audited to pack for all major supermarkets covering Tesco Nurture, M&S field to fork, LEAF marque, assured produce and all internal Berry

Investment has also been made in new photovoltaic (PV) system on the roof of the packhouse to produce electric from solar radiation. The system is designed to produce just over 30,000 KW per year and is sure to bring many benefits not to mention the environmentally friendly nature of the project.